DIY Shadow Box

It’s time for a new DIY 🙂 I absolutely love this one and I’m a little jealous that it’s a gift for a very dear friend of mine, but I will definitely make one for myself. What I love about this DIY is that it doesn’t need to be a gift, you can make it as a home decor also.

So let’s get right into it 🙂

What you need:

♥ A shadow box

♥ Cardstock paper (in which ever color you want)

♥ X-Acto knife or Scissors

♥ Pencil & Markers

♥ Foam cardboard

♥ Fairy light *optional*


Before starting, you need to buy your shadow box so that you know the measurements for the interior 3D design.

Once you have your shadow box, you need to measure the interior so that you know the size of card stock paper you will need. At this point, you can either go on your computer and prepare the design making sure the size is correct or you can draw it yourself.

It is very important that you leave a border of at least 1cm all around it. If you are doing a name like mine, you need to make sure that each letter is on a separate paper so that we can have the 3D effect.

I hand drew mine, but for this blog, and for you to understand better, I prepared the same design on the computer. (see following pictures)

You should have something that looks like, this minus the grey background. The reason I have put the grey is so that you know what part you will need to remove (cut out) and yes it’s everything in grey. You will only be keeping the white part.

Once you have removed the grey parts, the hard part will begin. You will need to measure the length and the width of the border you left around your design to cut the Foam Board.

Once the foam boards are all cut, you flip your cardboard paper design over and you glue on the foam board all around the borders. You then glue the second paper on top of the foam and restart the process with the foam and so on and so forth. At the end, you should have something that looks like this:

As you can see on the sides, my foam isn’t cut evenly, so I had to go in with a knife and trim the edges (which was harder then I thought it would be).

After you are done, you simply slide it into the shadow box. You can leave it like that, but I decided to personalize my gift a little more by adding little personalized notes I prepared myself, rolled them up and tying them with a string.

As you can see, I also decided to add some fairy lights in the back and covering it with a white paper to add a little more pizzazz to it ;). With that said and done, you can close your shadow box and you are all done!

Be creative, be you and please let me know if you ever try it.

Don’t ever forget: Practice makes perfect!

♥ Nillalove