SPA time

My first time at the spa at 29 years old and I can honestly say what was I waiting on? A day of relaxation, having nothing to do and nothing to think about but yourself. We all need that once in a while in our very busy lives. We are always on the run, going from one place to another; work, home, shopping, friends, family… We don’t stop and think of ourselves as much as we should.

When my cousin Christine and my mom first told me about this activity they had planned, I was skeptical, I had heard about people catching diseases and spa’s not being clean, and I wasn’t about to experience that. On top of that a whole day? I didn’t see the point of wasting a whole day at a spa doing absolutely nothing. At the last minute, I decided to just go for it and add one more thing to my list of experiences. If I didn’t enjoy it and least I had tried.

We were 5, in one car for about an hour. We began the journey by going to get breakfast at McDonald’s for my aunt Lidia and my 2 cousins, Christine and Margaret, and let me tell you, just that alone, was exhausting and I am very surprised that the girl at the drive thru didn’t even make one mistake. Once everyone got what they asked for, we proceeded to the gas station to fill the tank and we were on route to Polar Bear’s Club at St-Adele in Saint-Sauveur.

Once we arrived, I was starting to get a little excited, I just wanted to start experiencing what a lot of people kept raving about. I went into my first sauna and oh my gosh was it hot in there. It was so hot that I was afraid to sit on the bench because I was sure I was going to burn my ass off. So much so that my mom only lasted 1 min and after about 5 minutes, I was ready to get out of there. I learned that the whole concept of a spa is to go from hot to cold, relax and get at least one massage (not obligatory of course).

One thing you should know about me is that I love being in the water. I don’t need to be swimming or do anything, just the feeling of the water on my skin makes me happy. I don’t know how to explain it. Ever since I was young, my parents had signed me up for swim classes and even though they weren’t always fun, I just loved it. So just the fact that I got to sit in the water for hours and enjoyed the sun won me over. Bonus points, the place was just gorgeous. It has a river, with a mini waterfall, an amazing view and just a peaceful vibe to it.

Needless to say I enjoyed my day a lot, I got to spend some time with people I love, enjoy the water, rest and have lot of laughs at the expense of my cousins 😉

So before I end this post, let me tell you a funny little story about a portion of our experience at the Polar Bear’s Club. As I mentioned earlier, they have a river you can swim in or sit on the rocks or a floating deck you can lay on. It was so pretty that we all decided to go sit on the rocks and talk. We made our way to the rocks without even noticing the little fishes in the river. We sit down and Christine starts taking pictures until I notice the fishes. Mind you they are tiny little fishes, maybe the size of my palm and we are a 100 times bigger then them and we were the ones afraid of them. I quickly make my way to the shore, followed by my mom. I can hear Christine freaking out behind us standing on the rocks saying the only way she will get out of the river is by hooping on the rocks and that there’s no way she will set foot in the water. I tell her to just run and she does. Once she joins us we turn around to see her poor sister Margaret surrounded by fishes not able to leave from the middle of the river. A guy takes pity on her and tries to get rid of the fishes but with no luck. Her mom is telling her that as soon as she starts walking they will go away but she is not having it. She literally had to hold her moms hand and walk with her all the way to shore, meanwhile Christine and I can’t stop laughing… We all embarrassed ourselves because of tiny little fishes. *shaking my head*

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take much to have a day of fun. All you need is to be with people that can make you laugh and you enjoy spending time with.

Till next time, do something you love and enjoy your life to the fullest 🙂

♥ Nillalove

P.S: Here are a couple pictures